Ultimate Savings Package

frequently asked questions

What do I get with my Ultimate Saving Package purchase?

You receive a base service (either a bath or groom). Be sure to select the right base service for your Ultimate Savings Package purchase because adjustments can’t be made after you’ve purchased. You’ll also have the option to include an add-on service with your package if you prefer (not required).

  • Buy 9, Get 3 More Free (Bath or Groom)
  • Buy 8, Get 2 More Free (Bath or Groom)
  • Buy 7, Get 1 More Free (Bath or Groom)

How do I redeem my Ultimate Savings Package?

Once you’ve purchased your Ultimate Savings Package (the “services”), book your next appointment as you normally would in stores, over the phone, online or via the mobile app. If you choose to redeem services online, simply log in or create an account using the same email address provided when the package was purchased. If done correctly, you will see the option to redeem package services on the Grooming Services page or from your Account dashboard.

Can I use my services across multiple pets?

No, a separate Ultimate Savings Package must be purchased for each pet.

How do I sign up for an online account so I can view my services?

Click here and create an account using the same email provided during purchase. Head to the Account dashboard to view Ultimate Savings Package details.

How can I view the status of my services once logged in? How do I know if I have already used my services or when they expire?

You can easily view the status of your services by navigating to the Appointments page from your Account dashboard.

What if I book an appointment using a prepaid service and later have to cancel? Do I lose the service?

No, you will have the option to rebook the service.

How do I qualify?

Anyone can purchase an Ultimate Savings Package for any of their pets at any time.

Do I need to be a Treats member?

No, you do not need to be a Treats member, however, if you are a member, you will earn Treats rewards with your Ultimate Services Package purchase.

When do I get my free service(s)?

Your paid service will be redeemed prior to the promotional service. Any unredeemed promotional service is forfeited upon expiration.

How long do I have to utilize my services?

You have 15 months from the date of purchase to redeem the FREE services, and your purchased services must be used prior to redeeming your FREE services. If you don’t use all your prepaid services prior to your FREE services expiring, you have up to 5 years from the original date of purchase to redeem them.

Can I change my base service after I purchase a package (from bath to groom or groom to bath)?

No, you cannot change the original service selected at the time of purchase. If you want to complete a different service, you can but it will need to be paid for upon checkout.

Is an add-on service required with the purchase of an Ultimate Savings Package?

No, purchasing an add-on service is completely optional.

If I included an add-on service with my package purchase, can I change it to a different add-on later?

No, but you can purchase additional add-ons that will need to be paid for upon completion of service.


Can I return my prepaid services?

Yes, you can return unexpired services that are un-used. If you have the receipt, you’ll receive a refund back on the same method you paid or store-credit at the amount notated. If you don’t have a receipt, you’ll get back the un-used paid services at the current price with a store credit.

How do I process my return?

Please visit the Grooming Salon where you purchased the package to process the return.

What happens to my services after the expiration date?

Expired services will be removed from the pet’s profile and are no longer available to be used. Once logged in, you can find relevant expiration dates for your package in your Account dashboard.

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