Checking in at PetsHotel

Welcome to our full-service hotel for dogs and cats featuring safety-certified associates. PetsHotel is a great peace-of-mind alternative where cats can rest easy in comfortable quarters and dogs can enjoy playtime, salon services, training classes (including our boot camp class) and more!


Private Suite

Large suites separated from the standard rooms for a more peaceful, private environment and are perfect for multiple pets in a family. Rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily and feature a raised cot and TV turned to pet-themed shows.

Standard Guest Room

An open-air atrium that’s cleaned and sanitized daily and furnished with hypoallergenic bedding.


Make your dog’s stay more special with an all-inclusive package. We offer group play packages and individual play packages.

Dog Treats & Activities

Want to surprise your pup with a tasty snack during their visit? We offer treats and doggie ice cream at an additional cost.

Snack KONG®: in-room activity includes a KONG toy stuffed with a tasty filling to keep your dog entertained.

Individual or Group Playtime: up to 30 minutes of one-on-one fun or supervised group socialization.

Salon Services: bathing & grooming available in select Grooming Salons.

Boot Camp Training Class: personalized one-on-one session from our Accredited Trainers during your pet’s stay.

Kitty Cottage

Our cottages are separate from dog guests and always cleaned and sanitized daily. Boarding two cats? Cottages with connecting doors are available.

Cat Treats & Activities

Kitty KONG®: in-room activity includes a KONG toy stuffed with a tasty filling to keep your cat entertained.

Individual Time: two TLC playtimes are included with your cat's overnight stay in which your cat will be exercised and have the opportunity to play with a variety of toys and equipment and get lots of love and attention from our Hotel Hosts.

Salon Services: cat services available in select Grooming Salons.


Our cozy rooms and private suites are stocked with comfy bedding, but please feel free to bring your pet’s bed, blanket and toys to make them feel even more at home.


All PetsHotel locations have Clean Air Technology with the use of PetAirapy®, a state-of-the-art, UV air purification system exclusively designed for the animal care industry to help protect against airborne germs and allergens.

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