Let Us Take Care of Your Fur, Baby

How to deal with your dog’s shedding


When you pet your pup, do you have to sweep the floor and use a lint roller on your clothes and furniture? If you’re wondering how to stop your dog from shedding so much, let our grooming professionals help reduce your pet’s flying fur and give you a break with our FURminator® deShedding Service, which can reduce shedding by up to 90%.

Our FURminator service is MORE than just a brush with a FURminator tool. The service consists of a soothing bath or bath-and-groom including:

  • FURminator low-shed shampoo
  • FURminator deShedding™ conditioner
  • High-velocity blow-out of excess coat
  • Extra brushing with FURminator brush and other grooming tools

Our safety-certified Pet Stylists and Salon associates are shedding experts They know that dogs shed year-round (though spring and fall are the heaviest shedding seasons) and that a pet’s coat acts as a natural insulator in both cold and warm weather. When your dog sheds, the fur can build up and compact the coat, which can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. A dog de-shedding service removes the dead/excess undercoat that keeps your pet warm in the winter, protects their skin from the heat of the sun in the summer, and allows proper airflow to the skin all year long. If you’ve been wondering how to reduce dog shedding, our FURminator de-shedding service is the answer.

Depending on the breed and the condition of the coat, a de-shedding service is usually preferable to shaving your dog’s coat, which isn’t necessarily the best way to stop dog shedding and keep them comfortable. Dogs have multiple hairs in each follicle that are constantly shedding, so a shaved coat will continue to shed shorter hairs. Shaving your dog also means more maintenance; without regular brushing, follicles can become clogged, and the coat can change colours and look sparse. (For severely thick, tangled, or matted coats—or other health reasons—your vet and our professionally trained experts may recommend shaving. At PetSmart, we can perform that service safely and comfortably.)

A routine de-shedding service makes your life less hairy:

  • A complete FURminator service helps reduce dog shedding up to 90% which means significantly less hair to clean around your home and remove from your clothes.
  • After a de-shedding service, pet coats are less likely to have dead/excess hair or debris which can harbour skin irritations, insects or parasites.
  • De-shedding helps promote healthy fur regrowth and regulates body temperature.

Things to remember after your dog’s de-shedding service:

  • Light shedding for up to 2 days is normal. After that, you should notice a major reduction in loose fur.
  • Regular brushing will help keep shedding at bay. Ask your Pet Stylist how often you should brush your dog between services.
  • Although your pet sheds more during specific seasons, you can help control it year-round with 4-5 visits per year. (Book your next service Monday-Thursday to take advantage of our weekday discount!)

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