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By Penny B., Fort Worth, Texas

“Lola is an 8-year-old Yorkie with a spunky personality, a stylish wardrobe and a love for two things in particular: getting her photo taken (she’s an Instagram celeb) and getting groomed in our salon. Ever since she was a puppy, she comes in every six weeks for a bath with oatmeal shampoo and conditioner and her own specialized haircut—a modified cocker spaniel cut on the body and a Yorkie head with a ponytail. I call Lola the Ninja Kisser. I’ll be brushing her leg and she’ll reach all the way around and lick your elbow. She loves to give kisses.”

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Lola Before & After


By Jamie P., Andover, New Jersey

"Belle has been coming to our salon since she was just a puppy. After her pet mom passed away from cancer about two years ago, her dad, Albert, would bring her in. Everyone knew them, she was always such a sweet schnauzer with a very happy smiley face when she gets attention and he was very nice. The salon received a call from Albert’s daughter that he had just passed away and wanted to know if we could groom her for services the next night. I groomed Belle that night and was talking to the daughter and son and gave my condolences. The daughter and her husband were trying to keep Belle, but they already had their own pets. I said I would be willing to take her if it didn’t work out, any of us at the salon would. A couple weeks later I had a few messages from coworkers that they had called, and they needed someone to take Belle. She was depressed being alone a lot because they worked long hours. My dog had just passed away in February, so I decided to take Belle as my own. She made herself at home right away and Belle and my kitten get along great!”

Belle Before & After

Belle Before & After

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