Doggie Day Camp

You have busy days. And your dogs should too. And of course, you care about how your dog spends their day. If you can’t be at home with your dog or take them with, try our Doggie Day Camp.

Over the years, we’ve learned that dogs thrive on routines and activities that give them an opportunity to exercise their bodies and minds. We’ve put that knowledge into the ultimate Doggie Day Camp experience. In consultation with experts in off-leash recreation and our safety-certified Day Camp Counselors, we are proud to offer a great new way to play with supervised socialization and scheduled activities and exercise for your dog’s body and mind. Open 7 days a week with full-day (up to 8 hours) and half-day (up to 4 hours) sessions of indoor play, socialization, and enrichment.

At the end of a session, our goal is to have your dog socialized, exercised and ready for bed! Best of all, you’ll know your pet had a healthy and enriched day of fun!

Getting Started

When you drop off your dog for Doggie Day Camp, we’ll perform a brief, but thorough behavior and health assessment to ensure your dog is a good match for our group. Please allow a few minutes at check-in for every visit and let us know about any pre-existing conditions or recent health or behavioral concerns at that time.

Peace of Mind

Campers are grouped together based on size, play styles and physical limitations, so every dog can enjoy a fun day of play. For younger dogs, program activities focus on positive behavior and development through a balanced play schedule. For our senior dogs, play schedules incorporate activities focused on mobility and cognitive health. At the end of a fun day of Doggie Day Camp, our goal is to have campers of all sizes and ages socialized, exercised and ready for bed!

Our pet-loving, safety-certified Day Camp Counselors supervise your dog. On their first day, we’ll email you a photo of your happy camper. Then at the end of their day, we’ll provide a report detailing what they did.

A Busy Day

We developed our ultimate experience schedule because we know pets respond best to a combination of stimulation and rest. Games provide exercise and mental stimulation and help with obedience, manners and your dog’s confidence. Sensory activities like bubbles and storytime can be stimulating and/or relaxing for your pup.

Day Camp begins with our Meet & Greet hour which includes socialization & the introduction of “leader of the pack” skills.

Fun & Games includes physical & cognitive playtime with toys & activities like follow the leader.

Skill Enrichment gives your dog a chance to practice skills & tricks like “spin” & “group sit.”

Lunch & Treats is a break for an optional meal or snack.

Bubbles offers sensory stimulation for your dog.

Storytime is when Day Camp Counselors read aloud, which can help calm your dog & the group.

Rest & Relaxation features calming classical music so your dog can chill out or take a nap.

Yappy Hour includes exercise & play with equipment like tunnels & hula hoops.

Meals & Treats

If you don’t have time to feed your pup breakfast or need us to feed them dinner, bring their food to Day Camp.

Play Areas

Our temperature-controlled indoor playrooms are designed to provide a bright, clean environment that’s safe and comfortable. We disinfect the rooms once a day and on an as-needed basis to serve our campers best.

Top Camper Program & Easy Pass

With our Top Camper Program, you can get one free session of Doggie Day Camp after every 10 sessions purchased. All members of our With our Top Camper Program, you can get one free session of Doggie Day Camp after every 10 sessions purchased. All members of our Treats program are automatically enrolled into our Top Camper Program. Plus, as a Treats member, you can earn points for any pet services purchase.

The Easy Pass allows you to play more and save more! Get 5% savings when you prepay for 5 full-day sessions, 10% savings when you prepay for 10 full-day sessions and 15% savings when you prepay for 20 full-day sessions. Easy Passes do not expire and can be used any time.

Doggie Day Camp Playdates

Twice a month, we have party-themed playdates! These playdates include a doggie sweet treat and a digital keepsake photo of your dog.

Additional Services

During your dog’s visit at Doggie Day Camp, we can arrange for a personal half-hour Training Camp training session with a certified PetSmart Trainer. You can also set up a pampering service like a Homecoming Bath before you pick them up at the end of the day. Our Grooming Salon also offers bath and brush services as well as full haircuts.

Going on vacation? The same staff who cares for your pup at Doggie Day Camp can also care for your dog (and cats too!) while you’re away. Our PetsHotel offers overnight boarding plus your pet’s stay includes Doggie Day Camp.

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