Our Certified Pet Stylists will do Anything for Pets.

Harley L.

Pet Stylist since 2017. League City, TX

“I have a pup named Zoe that had a bad experience at another grooming facility. I told the pet parent that I was willing to take the time to build a connection with Zoe because of how nervous she was. After a few grooms and lots of baby talk, Zoe now pulls at her leash to get to me and is a total rock star on the table!”

Stylist Showcase - Harley L

Kathryn Z.

Pet Stylist since 2020. Omaha, NE

“If a pet is nervous, I will spend extra time reassuring them. For one dog in particular, Bella, I’ve discovered that the sound of the dryer doesn’t bother her, so I use that to mask the sound of the Dremel tool that I use to get the nails as smooth as possible. Bella’s Mom was amazed at how short and smooth the nails turned out and loved hearing about my trick. Letting the pet parents know we care by paying attention to the small details really helps me connect on a deeper level.”

Stylist Showcase - Kathryn Z

Paige R.

Salon Leader since 2016. Katy, TX

“I always like to call pet parents during the grooming process to let them know how their pup is doing. I care about their pups and them, and take time out of my schedule to give them updates so they feel comfortable and know what’s going on.”

Stylist Showcase - Paige R

Sabrina Z.

Pet Stylist since 2012. Lafayette, IN

“I have always loved animals and people. When I start the process with a customer, I like them to know I will take care of their baby just like I would take care of mine.”

Stylist Showcase - Sabrina Z

Kayana M.

Salon Stylist since 2018. Midwest City, OK

“I enjoy spending extra time with pet parents to show them brushing techniques for their dogs. They appreciate learning how to care for their babies at home and a well-brushed coat makes their grooming visits at the Salon that much easier."

Stylist Showcase - Kayana M

Felicia C.

District Academy Trainer since 2005. Las Vegas, NV

“I saw a very confused customer trying to find the right brush for her first shih tzu puppy. She was not sure what else she needed, so we walked the aisles, picking out the best food, treats, bed and even a cute dress. Two weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to have this adorable puppy on my grooming table, the beginning of a lifelong trusted partnership."

Stylist Showcase - Felicia

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