Get Ready for PetsHotel!

Prepare your pup for overnight stays

PetsHotel is 100% indoors and temperature-controlled for year-round comfort. Private rooms cater to all breed sizes and contain a water dish and cozy bed (guests are welcome to bring their own beds from home). There are even suites with There are even suites with a private white noise machines and our oh-so-comfy Superb Sleeper bed.

What you need to know…

  • You’re required to sign the Master Boarding Agreement and provide vaccination history. We also recommend flea/tick protection.
  • Your pet’s prescription medications should be in their original labeled containers.
  • To keep your pet’s tummy happy, we recommend you bring their own food.
  • Bring your dog’s bed and a favourite toy or blanket, to help your little one feel at home.

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