From Teeth to Tail

Our Hands-on Pet Assessment

Your pet’s Grooming Salon visit starts with our Hands-on Pet Assessment. At check-in, a safety-certified salon associate will meet your pet and perform a thorough evaluation to ensure they are healthy and ready for pampering. Then, the associate will create a customized approach to address your pet’s unique needs and recommend solutions to be used during their bath or groom.

Our assessment includes the following checks:

Ears: We check for cleanliness, odor, signs of infection and other conditions.

Teeth & Mouth: We check for odor, tartar and other dental issues.

Skin: We look for lumps, irritations, flaking and fleas & ticks.

Nails: We look at the length and identify splits, breaks and overgrowth.

Coat: We check for mats and shedding fur.

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